You Were The Gasoline

by Mortality Rate

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Lena 00:43
Roses 01:51
Everything that I love Ends up in a wooden box And I promise to grow through yours In your memory Everything's coming up roses Never ending light Never give up the fight This flame still burns This flame still burns I would give anything I would give my life Just to see you smile One more time I'm searching for resolution But I can't find peace within I'm sorry to keep you waiting I didnt think time was fleeting Everything is coming up roses Never ending light Never give up the fight The cousin of death Is sleep I miss you so much I hope that you hear me Cousin of death Rest in peace
We are the poison We are the scar Are you proud to be Who you are? Gagged and bound Burned alive Thrown into the dirt To rot and die Our oldest tradition is genocide Our oldest tradition is genocide A plague is what we need We are the disease disease Roaming free Entitlement. Thirst for control This is world wide suicide Parasites Exploit and extort Take what's mine Because you're gonna take yours Zero remorse We are the kindling We are the flame Watch you all burn Self piteous demise World wide suicide
Heathen 02:24
The cold does something to a person And it brought me to you It was a long road home I found my way back Through a maze of heart attacks You're standing on ice, I hear it crack Fuck you, I'm not going to save you Stand on the shore and watch you drown The water is rising You are sinking Down into misery Down to where I used to be Stuck in a haze Stuck in a daze The only thing that is clear to me Is that you will always mean nothing. You mean nothing to me. Clouds collide and mountains divide I’m blooming through soil ground from your bones The sound of sirens has pushed me to the edge of insanity This self loathing is controlling me Worthless fucking liar Heathen If there is a hell, I’ll see you there, motherfucker.
I can't believe that you did this to me I was a forest on fire You were the gasoline I read your words so many times, I no longer had a voice to scream I am still filled with all of this hate All of this rage Burning And I feel it rise When I hear your name Truth be told, With a gun to my head If I had to choose my life or yours You're the only one I wouldn't pull the trigger for I was a forest on fire And you were the gasoline I was burning You'll never take me alive I won't run and hide I can't fucking die Trust me, I've tried I really can’t lie, between my life or yours You're the only one I wouldn't pull the trigger for
Lonely Soul 01:37
Who is that lonely soul Chained up outside? Soaking wet, starving She knows she's about to die Did you even ask her name Before you took away her life? Will you look her in the eyes Before you drop the match Draw the knife Drain her blood Where do you draw the line? Where do you draw the line? How do you sleep at night? Do you dream about this awful sight? How this fuck is this justified? Her screaming, it's echoing.... "Please don't do this to me" Where do you draw the line? How do you sleep at night Her screaming, it's echoing The air is growing heavy "Don't do this to me"


released April 26, 2019

For our friend, Evan Cole Shaw.

Music written by Mortality Rate (Jake, Cody, Dereck, Jess)
Lyrics written by Jess.
Artwork made by Madi Watkins
Intro and guest vocals in Selfish Thieves written and performed by Madi Watkins
Main vocals recorded by Matt Roach @ Rain City Recorders
Guest vocals recorded by Brandon Watkins
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Colombo


all rights reserved



Mortality Rate Calgary, Alberta

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